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Pet Assure Review – The Pet Insurance Alternative!

April 21, 2016

Pet Assure Review – The Pet Insurance Alternative!

Hey guys! Hope you had a great week! We are back to give you a review on Pet Assure!

Aspen had to go to the vet today, because he has a skin tag on his eyelid. He’s fine, but I figured I should just do this video on Pet Assure, since I’ll be using it.

We love Pet Assure and it has saved us SO much money in the year that we’ve had it.

What is Pet Assure?

Pet Assure is a nationally recognized veterinary discount plan. Once you become a member, you save 25 percent on veterinary care from a participating vet.

There are thousands of vets in the network, but you should search on their site to see if there’s a participating vet near you before you purchase the plan.

Unlike insurance, there are no deductibles, no exclusions and no discrimination based on age, breed, pre-existing medical conditions, hereditary conditions, current illnesses…etc.

It can also be combined with pet insurance.

What’s Included?

You will receive a 25% savings on all medical care. That Includes office visit fees, exam fees, shots, surgery, X-rays, and other procedures the vet performs. The vet doesn’t have to provide the discount on products you go home with –  ie: medications, food, flea or heart worm preventives, grooming..etc. Outside services such as lab work or specialists not located at the facility or any services that are already discounted are also not included.

Also included in the plan are discounts on some pet related online retailers and services. There’s a list on their website of participating merchants, but I do know that you can get a 15% discount from!

Additionally, there’s a lost pet recovery service included. They send you an ID tag with a unique number and the Pet Assure phone number to put on your pet’s collar. If your pet is lost people can call the number on the tag. Pet Assure then calls you. If you are unavilable, they will call the emergency numbers that you listed with them.

How Much Is It?

None of these plans are only for dogs. You can purchase Pet Assure for pretty much any pet/animal.

They have different plans/options for purchasing.

The Single Dog Plan is $99/year or $9.95/month, plus a $9.95 processing fee.

The Family Plan – which is what we have – covers 2-4 animals. That plan is $149/year or $14.95/month, plus a $9.95 processing fee.

The Unlimited Plan covers every pet in your household. That plan is $199/year or $19.95/month, plus a $9.95 processing fee.


I heard of Pet Assure by some random email that I received from Amazon Local.

I paid $69 for the 1 year Family Plan, as opposed to $149. A few months into my membership, I saw the same membership on Groupon for like $30! So definitely look out for online deals first.

You can use your membership card immediately after purchase. They send you a temporary one immediately via email. I never received a permanent one, maybe cause I used the bootleg Amazon deal, but haven’t had any issues using the temp one at my vet. Lol.

Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend Pet Assure, and no they are not giving me any kickbacks or anything. I just honestly think it’s a no brainer if you’re a pet owner. I saved a ton at the vet already. Way more than the money I spent to become a member.

There’s also a 45 day, no questions, money back guarantee if you don’t like it or feel you’ll need it.

That’s all folks! It’s been real. See you next week!


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