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March 22, 2016

Hey guys! Welcome to TheeCrazyDogLady.com! My name’s Miliani DeAira aka Thee Crazy Dog Lady! I’m the ultimate dog lover and self proclaimed dog expert!

I’m a first generation American of Trinidadian descent! I grew up in Minnesota with my WAY older brothers. I was an ‘accident’ as some like to call it, but I prefer to refer to myself as my mom’s greatest blessing. Ha! I grew up in Minnesota and when I was old enough, I hightailed it out of there! I don’t give Minnesota enough credit though – the people are absolutely amazing! I’ve spent the majority of my time living in Scottsdale, Arizona and Los Angeles, CA.

After living in Downtown Chicago, IL for 2 full winters, I am now spending my warmer months here in Chicago and winters back in Los Angeles! My blood has thinned out. What can I say?!

Besides my obvious obsession with dogs, I model and own a couple dog related companies.

I love all things fashion, makeup, hair and interior design and country music (I love all music, but country is my favorite)! Outside of hanging with my pups, I enjoy traveling, meeting new people, a nice glass of pinot noir or a well-crafted margarita in the summer, playing tennis, walking a beautiful trail, eating (I’m a fatty inside) volunteering with animals or the elderly, raising money for animal shelters/organizations, tennis, going to Blackhawks games, shopping, a relaxing spa day, checking out a nice restaurant or lounge with the perfect ambiance…ok I’ll just end the list here. I could go on for days. Lol. I love life!

As you probably know by now, I am the proud dog mama to Aspen (5 year old Malamute) and Jagger (3 year old Husky/Malamute Mix). They are my angels and motivation….Heaven sent! Boy, do they love their mama! I can’t even get up to go to the bathroom alone, but I wouldn’t change any of it. I love them so!

Jagger is the independent, obnoxious and stubborn, but extremely hilarious one ! I swear, he does the funniest crap, cause he knows I’ll laugh. He has a super high prey drive – as most Huskies do – so I’ve gotta keep a close eye on him when there’s any small wildlife around. He’s fine with small dogs, and cats even. But squirrels and rabbits are his worst enemy!

Aspen is my soul dog. He was born to be with me. He knows me so well, and plays off of it – every emotion. He is SO smart too. I mean sometimes I believe he’s a human trapped in a dog’s body. He does not act like a dog, at all. Although Aspen is the more mellow one, he certainly rules the roost. Jagger tries to test him, but quickly gets put in his place. Ha. They couldn’t be any more opposite. However, they both are SO loving. You can’t put a price on their unconditional love.

With that being said, join me and my sexy boys Aspen and Jagger through our crazy weekly adventures where we’ll chat about tips and tricks of dog ownership, recommendations, product reviews, recipes, doggy lifestyle, culture, entertainment, news…and so much more!

Even if you don’t own a dog, you should still subscribe! In addition to the weekly video (Every Wednesday), we’ll also have a corresponding blog post that you can find here on this site, and a YouTube vlog showcasing the shenanigans that we got into that day!

We looking forward to connecting with you! Lots of kisses and puppy licks!

– Miliani, Aspen & Jagger

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